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Serious Cuteness

February 29, 2012

I know his  mom is waiting to see some previews of this little man, so I wanted to quickly post this photo before bed, but there are lots more adorable ones to come (despite the fact that he was NOT in the mood for a photo shoot tonight!)

LOVE the challenge at I Heart Faces this week! I’ve got so many photos that would work for this, but decided on this one.

My favorite part of this photo? That little Binky bling hanging from mom’s finger.

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For any of you that teach Primary, Relief Society, Young Women, or any other religious class, here is a fun little downloadable freebie for you! My lesson in primary tomorrow (I teach the 10-11 year olds) is on avoiding temptation and standing up for what you know is right. I wanted to incorporate a little handout, so I combined the AWESOME ideas from HERE and HERE, and came up with this!

Here is the single file (just click on the image and print):


And here is the file with multiple on one page:

All you need to do is print it onto cardstock and then trim off each of the top corners to make the cape shape. Then simply punch a hole in the top and stick it on the sucker. You could do the little mask too like she did in the second link above, but I was in a hurry.



Aren’t those valentines above from Ryan and Kyler’s best friend Ricky adorable? Ricky’s mom is an awesome photographer and comes up with these adorable ideas. I’ve caught Ryan and Kyler several walking by the fridge and staring at these with a huge smile on their face. And both of them have told me numerous times that these are their favorite valentines of the day!








Make ’em by hand

February 13, 2012

Today as I was putting the finishing touches on the boys’ valentines, I all of a sudden remembered how when I was little my great-grandma Fullmer would send me handmade valentines every single year. It was awesome and even at a young age I cherished them.

I immediately bolted down to the basement and rummaged through lots of boxes until I found two of these precious reminders of my great-grandparents, now long gone.

I. LOVE. THESE. They are so precious to me, especially because the back includes my grandma’s handwriting. (Being young and stupid, I used rubber cement to glue them into a memory book years ago. I know–stupid.)

While I was rummaging in the basement, I heard the mail truck outside. I found the valentines, took them upstairs, then immediately went out to get the mail. Among the bills and junk, there was a small card addressed to the Snow Family:

Inside was a handmade valentine from Matt’s mom, MarGene. How incredibly cool. How fun for my boys to have this valentine to keep forever, and pull out to show to their own kids some day.

There’s just nothing quite like a handwritten note to bring a smile to your face.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love this holiday even more than Christmas. How awesome that there’s a day set aside to express your love to those around you. And, oh my gosh, I’ve got SO much love around me!

Valentines are Done!

February 7, 2012

The boys and I had so much fun making these, and I love how they turned out! (The “lightsabers” are bracelet glow sticks from the dollar store. I might try making some with Pixy Stix as well and see if they work out.


Pinterest Love

February 3, 2012

Just hopping online to share a little project I finished up today. I love how it turned out!

I saw the original project here:

I used lots and lots of 2 1/2″ felt circles and lots and lots of long straight pins! I’m planning to use it year-round and change out the decoration in the middle (the hanging ribbon is just pinned up at the top, so it’s easy to take off).





Thank Goodness for Bedtime

February 1, 2012

Last night was…not good, to say the least. I don’t know what happened to my sweet 6-year-old, but he had a complete meltdown for no reason at all. It involved throwing, hitting, yelling, disobeying and general disrespecting. He refused to hug me goodnight and he went to bed with both of us feeling sad.

About 10 minutes after closing his door, I turned the corner from the kitchen to walk down the hall and he was standing quietly around the corner. Of course I was scared out of my skin and instinctively got mad at him: “What are you doing? Why are you out of bed?!? You scared me!!”

He looked at me for about two seconds and then ran into my arms. We both just kind of fell to the floor and held each other for awhile.

He went to bed last night KNOWING that I loved him. I made sure he knew that before he fell asleep. After he was asleep I went in to check on the boys and just stared at their faces. He looked like a little angel–a far cry from just a mere 30 minutes before.

Last night may have been a small preview of what we have to look forward to in his teenage years. Heaven help us. But I’ll do my best to keep my anger in check, and no matter what, make sure he KNOWS that I love him always.