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Yes, it’s true! I’m actually updating my blog! I’m kind of sure there’s no one left that reads it since it’s been SO long since updating, but oh well! So where have I been for the last few months? Ummmm….pretty much just being a mom, wife, photographer, teacher, and a million other roles that have been keeping me super busy. Oh yeah, and I had a baby in July. FOUR boys. I still wake up some mornings and have to remind myself that yes, it is in fact true that my life will be forever changed with four boys. Boys are dirty, messy, unorganized and rough. But you know what? I love it. Sure, I’d enjoy a tea party here and there, but that’s what nieces are for, right?

I obviously have a million pictures and stories I could update this blog with, but I’ll start out slow and for now just show you a couple of pictures of my newest little bundle of joy, who is now TWO months old already! I hate hate hate how fast time goes by when you have kids. And oh my…this boy is adorable!


May 3, 2013

Today is the big day! The Everyday Storyteller 2 book will be available to purchase tonight at 9:00pm EDT (7:00pm MST). Click on the banner below to be a part of it!

Don’t forget to sign up for the VIP list if you haven’t already! Just click on the image below.

I just couldn’t go to bed tonight without sharing this photo with you. I’m dying over it.

I seriously wish I could share every single photo from this session (but there’s about 300 of them and I’m having a hard time narrowing them down!). LOVE these girls! And LOVE their moms!

It’s Almost Here!

April 30, 2013

I can’t even tell you how excited and honored I am that I was asked to be a contributor to the new book, Everyday Storytellers, Volume 2 (available this Friday)! Seriously, the list of artists in this book is impressive and I feel a bit humbled to be among them! So what will you be seeing from me? Photos, of course! I’m offering some great tips and trips for capturing real emotion in your photos.


Here is a little bit more information about the book: Everyday Storyteller 2 is a brand new idea book offering more than 100 tips, tricks and techniques for scrapbooking. Go behind the scenes with 33 of your favorite memory keepers to see how they capture moments, tell stories and document their best memories. Sign up for the VIP list to be the first to know when the book is released and receive an exclusive discount.

Each book contributor participating in the blog hop is giving away an eBook copy of Everyday Storyteller 2. Use this entry link or click the graphic below to complete your entry form. You must enter by 11:59pm PDT on April 30, 2013 to be eligible. You may enter from each stop. Winners will be contacted directly as well as posted at on May 1, 2013.


Following is a list of contributors participating in this giveaway. Be sure to visit each one for your chance to win!

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Don’t forget! Be sure to sign up for the VIP list so you can get an exclusive discount when the book is available! T-minus 4 days and counting!!

Another Adorable Newborn

March 19, 2013

I’m loving all these newborns I’ve been photographing lately…and I have a few more scheduled in the next few weeks! Little Dallas made me seriously so excited about having another little newborn boy of my own in just a few short months. And have you ever seen a more expressive, smiley baby? LOVE!

Newborn Love

March 14, 2013

I so love photography, and it’s usually the littlest things (like sweet baby Calvin) that truly turns it into a passion for me.



Valentine’s Day Announcement

February 14, 2013

The poor blog has been neglected for so long! But I do actually have a pretty good excuse this time. :)

This month at I Heart Faces is the 2012 Best Face Photo Challenge. Oh wow, I had such a hard time deciding on this one. Just ONE favorite face of 2012? I think I spent WAY too much time looking through all the thousands of photos I have from the last year. But I finally settled on this one. It will forever be one of my favorites.

My little Kyler was asking me how to be a photographer so I said, “Well, you first try framing your photo with your fingers to see how it will look.” So after helping him position his fingers just right, this is the photo I ended up with. My little brown-eyed boy. Hopefully he really will follow in my photography footsteps.


I was seriously blown away by all the other entries for this photo challenge. Check them all out HERE!


Photo Challenge Submission

A Week of Firsts for Ry

January 6, 2013

Ryan had quite the eventful week this last week, which seemed appropriate that it all happened at the beginning of a fresh new year. Last week he lost his first tooth! He’s been waiting a long time for this momentous occasion, since most of his friends have lost their baby teeth long before now.


After examining it he said, “Mom, it looks like a tiny little piece of string cheese!”

Last week Ryan also started piano lessons for the very first time. He is SO excited and I actually have to ask him to STOP practicing! I know that enthusiasm won’t last forever, but I’ll take full advantage of it right now, and figure out down the road how to keep encouraging his passion for it.


Love my cute boy!

I’m excited to be linking up this week over at Simple As That’s Simple Things Sunday Photo link party! I’m always blown away by the photos that everyone posts there. There is seriously some amazing photo talent all over the world!


Photography Locations

September 24, 2012

UPDATE: It’s been a few weeks since I updated my blog with this post about photography locations. Since then I’ve had floods of emails coming in about these locations, many wondering why I would give away my “secrets”. It’s because I believe in my ability to shoot at the same location as many other photographers and still create unique and creative photos that are notches above the norm. I had no problem sharing it with others, HOWEVER, I’ve removed the addresses and specific locations of these sites, because my clients felt that by sharing it with the world they weren’t getting a customized, unique location for their session. Many of these locations are no big secret, and can be found readily, but for the respect of my clients I’m only sharing the basic information on my blog.

With all of my fall sessions coming up I wanted to write a blog post about photography locations. There are lots of places all over Davis, Weber and Salt Lake counties that I like to go, so I thought I would share a few with you. Hopefully this will give my upcoming clients a chance to look at the options all in one place so they can decide which would be the best location for them.

RED BARN (Country look):

This is probably my most requested location, especially in the fall. There is a big red barn here with lots of weeds all around.




Within walking distance of the barn is a street with a really cool alleyway. It has old colored doors and awesome brick walls. Great choice for an urban shoot.



Another fun urban location has little shops on one side of the street, and a beautiful green area in back of the shops. Across the street are also different-colored walls and doors.



There are some great brick walls and old doors and alleyways here as well. This location can be a bit tricky though, because most of the cool walls face the south, which means bright sunlight. But if we can bring something to block the light, or go on a cloudy day, you’ll get some fun photos!



CITY CENTER (Urban look):

If you’re looking for something that’s urban, then this place is awesome. It’s right downtown and has lots of different options and colors.


CITY PARK (Urban/pretty look):

Another fun place is located downtown in a residential neighborhood. There are old columns, archways and buildings with cool colors, as well as a beautiful pond and bridge. Definitely a favorite for family photos and bridals.



COUNTRY FARM (Country look):

If you want something a little more country looking, there’s a huge farm. It does cost money to take pictures there ($10 or something). There are lots of farm animals, hay bales, old buildings, etc.


RECEPTION HOUSE (Country/pretty look):

This is one of my favorites! Be aware that they charge $35 to take photos there, but the grounds are spectacular. There’s old barns, an old car, lots of tall trees and beautiful light. It’s a reception center, so as long as there’s not a reception going on there it’s a good spot.


CITY PARK (Pretty look):

This spot is really nice and big. It’s a VERY popular spot for taking pictures. There are lots of stairs, trees, a beautiful bridge, cool columns and a large river and pond. It’s a leash-free dog-walking park, so you’ll see lots of furry pets there.


SCENIC TRAIL (Pretty look):

This a very long trail that has LOTS of options for taking photos. There are tons and tons of trees so it can get a little dark, especially if it’s an overcast day. It has VERY tall trees, an old train bridge, and animals like elk and deer in a fenced area. VERY pretty for the fall!


BIRD REFUGE (Simple, pretty look):

This is very basic and simple with lots of fields and weeds. There’s a long wooden path that leads to a cool building. This is a great option of you’re looking for a more simple, classic look.


BARN/TRACTOR (Country/pretty look):

This is a beautiful, but small spot for taking country photos. Lots of weeds, with a small barn and tractor.


MY PARENTS’ HOUSE (Pretty look):

One place that you will never see in anyone else’s photography is my parents’ house. They live on an acre lot up on the mountain. The yard is beautiful with lots of flowers, oak trees, large rocks, an arbor, and pathways. It’s one of my favorite places to go for both small and large families, as well as individual pictures.



There are also tons of other options. There is a big open field that I like to use, a fun long dirt driveway, an orchard, and a couple other fun places. Here is a small sampling of those places.


And there are actually lots more places if none of these are quite the look you’re going for. The best thing to do is decide the look you like the best (urban, country, pretty, etc.) and then we can decide on a location based on the number of people, the clothing you want to wear, the time of year, etc.

Have a great day!